333 Community Music Night
Once a year, usually in August, we make 333 into a music-sharing party - our Community Music Night. Like our regular concerts, it begins at 7:30 PM (though informal jamming before then is certainly a possibility!).
Admission is pay-what-you-like - we suggest $5 per person. The usual snacks, desserts, and hot and cold beverages are sold.
 There are several ways to participate... here's how it works: 
  • In the spirit of a "play, pass, or request" song circle, there will be an open song list. Anyone can put a song on the list; you don't need to to lead it yourself. You can also "upvote" a song that's already on the list, or sign up to lead a leaderless one.  We'll fit in as many songs as we can. 
  • We'll have some open mic slots. Probably 2 songs each. To sign up, email us at 333coffeehouse@gmail.com and let us know the names of the players/singers (groups are welcome). "Sing-along-able" songs are encouraged (not required). If you can let us know the songs you want to do, we can try to put the words up on the screen for folks to sing along. (If you can send us the words, that's especially helpful!) 
  • If you want to bring an acoustic instrument and play along, we'll have some "house band" seating for that, with more elbow room.  The etiquette is that song leaders can ask the band to play or not play. 
  • And, of course, everyone is welcome to just have a seat, listen, and sing along, if you're so moved... which we hope you will be. 
We used this format for the first time at the 2017 "Jam Night," and we felt it was a success. We try to mix up the open mic performances with the "people's choice" songs, aiming to get a nice flow, and let the evening run the way people seem to most want it to run. If you have a copy of Rise Up Singing (or Rise Again), it's probably worth bringing it. Other songbooks could be useful too. We project sing-along lyrics - mostly pulled off the Internet - on the Meeting's movie screen.
 We hope you'll join us and share in the music making! 

Contact 333
(443) 333-9613