Information for Performers and Agents
If you are (or if you represent) an artist interested in performing at 333, here are some things you might find it useful to know. 

333 Coffeehouse (aka 333 Concerts) is a monthly community concert series in Annapolis, Maryland. We are a program of the Annapolis Traditional Dance Society, a local non-profit. 333 is run entirely by volunteers.

Here are some points that may help you to decide whether 333 is a desirable place to perform.

  • Scheduling: Our shows are nearly always on the third Friday of the month. Once in a while, we will move a show to the second or fourth Friday if it seems advisable, but when inquiring about available dates, you should not expect much flexibility. Also, we often skip a month in the summer (most often July), and we try to set aside one date per year (usually August) for a community sing-along or open stage. 
  • Music styles: In our selection of featured performers, we strongly emphasize artists with traditional folk repertoires or expertise in a traditional style (such as old-time Appalachian, blues, or traditional fiddle music), and songwriters performing mainly original songs. We do occasionally go outside of these lines, most often in the directions of roots jazz and world music, but since we only book 10-12 shows per year, we try to stick to our knitting and leave it to other venues in our town - there are many - to present other styles. 
  • Headliners normally play two 40-50 minute sets. We seldom book openers or other support acts; we are not able to pay openers very much, and we need to fit our shows into a 2 1/2 hour window, so it doesn't always make sense. We are most likely to consider a performer as an opener if we are enthusiastic about having them headline in the future, or if they come from our immediate community. (When there is no opener, our hosts often do a tune or two to warm up the crowd.)
  • Our Space: Our regular venue is the worship room of a modern Quaker meeting house. It seats about 90 in its typical layout (mostly rows of chairs with a few tables of cafe-style seating), or just over 100 if we take out the tables and pack the space with chairs. The room is fairly intimate and has good acoustics, and many of our artists have praised it as a place to play. We try to keep the volume levels moderate; drummers may need to use brushes or Hot Rods to "fit" into the space. We sell non-alcoholic beverages, snacks and desserts in the lobby (outside the performance space).
  • Compensation: 333 does not usually offer performers a substantial guarantee. Performers normally receive a percentage of the gross admissions. Our admission prices ($12/10) are fixed. However, we have a kind of sliding scale admission plan, in that we solicit tips from the audience, which are passed directly to the headline performers. We also offer some perks, and we do not ask for a cut of performers' merchandise sales. For details on all this, please see our terms doc.
  • Licensing: We do not presently hold a license with any PRO. (We would like to, but so far we have not found a financially viable way to arrange it.)
We prefer to receive performer inquiries by e-mail.
If Annapolis is a good fit for your tour plans, but 333 won't work for you, there are many other fine places to play in our area. The one which has the most overlap with 333 musically is probably 49 West Coffeehouse, a coffee/wine bar in downtown Annapolis which has live music most nights. Artists whose music is more in a pop or rock vein should check out Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge. And there is a useful listing of area venues at
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